Weather Damage Happens. But We Get You Back On The Road Faster!

We repair all types of weather damages including hail and ice damaged areas and parts of your vehicle. Lake Michigan can spawn some heavy damage whether it be hail, wind, or snow related. We have 25 years of experience seeing, estimating, and  repairing weather damage in Michigan City and throughout the region.

Rocky’s Body Shop works with your insurance company! Weather damage is common and may be covered by your policy. Let our team work for you and deal with your insurance company so you can be sure you are getting the best benefit from your plan.

We have you covered when mother nature delivers hail damage from thunderstorms as well as a wide range of winter weather damage from ice and snow.

Weather Safety Tips

  1. Drive a little slower(We all know this but we still forget time to time) : During any bad weather containing ice, snow, or lower visibility, it is always best to go about your route a bit slower than normal. This increases the time you have to avoid a bad situation as well as decrease the chance of slipping in ice or snow.
  2. Turn into a Slide– When your vehicle starts to veer of the road in icy conditions, don’t jam the brake or turn the other direction (unless you want to call us for auto repair). You want to turn your steering wheel in the direction of the skid. This works because when you lose traction, turning into the skid enables your wheels to grab the first high traction segment of the road.
  3. Don’t Use Your Brakes When Executing Turns: Applying gentle breaking is the way to go when you are in hazardous slipping weather conditions. This includes torrential rains, snow, and ice. Any motion that rapidly slows the vehicle down can cause slipping.
  4. Weather Proof Your Car: Getting the basic wax coating is a great place to start but always be sure to plan your next move when hail starts to rain down. Covering your car with a blanket or other covering can help prevent dents, scratches, or other hail related repairs. However, seeking cover is always the best plan whether in a garage or on the leeward side of the on coming storm on the side of a building.

Our repair specialists are ASE Certified so you can be sure your vehicle will look great and be fixed to industry standards!