Collision Repair


If you’ve been in an accident, or even if you just have a few dents. Rocky’s is your body specialist. We’ll return your vehicle to you as good as new.


Frame and Unibody


Your cars skeleton needs special attention if you’ve been in an accident. We go the extra mile to make sure you’re aligned and solid.


Custom Painting


We can give you a fantastic new paint job or repair and match your stock color. Our custom paint work is second to none.


Rocky’s uses the PPG Global paint system. One of the most advanced systems on the planet which can match paint color acurately on even pearl or metallic finishes!




Fix that mess! We micro-clean all of your cars interior and exterior to get you so fresh and so clean.


Glass Replacement and Tint


If you need your glass replaced after it has been cracked, chiped or shattered, we can take care of you. Or, you can cut out the sun with our glass tinting service.


Custom Add-Ons


You name it, we add it. From chrome enhancements to lighting, spoilers and rims, we’ll take your ride to the next level.


Body Kits


If you’re looking for that extra edge, we can transform your stock vehicle to a road menacing customized beast.




One of Rocky’s special passions. If you have a classic car, bring it to Rocky’s to have it restored so you can show it off right.